Cadys Falls Development History:

I bought the Cadys Falls site in 1978. There were no roads and no access other than by foot. Open areas were covered in thorny brambles.

Over time, I and my kids cut in a rough road, cleared the fields, and built a cabin and a shed on what is now Lot 5.

We worked out a plan for 6 lots, keeping a large SW corner lot, and selling the other 5 lots. The large lot would be my retirement home site.

But then I met an Australian lady, Jennifer, and fell in love. She came to the US for a couple of years with her young daughters, and we married.

In 1984 we moved to Australia, and decided to further subdivide the remaining large lot, creating new Lots 5, 7, 8 and 9, with the plan to keep Lot 8 as the site of that one-day retirement home.

We’ve lived in Australia for the past 39 years, and it seems increasingly clear that our “retirement home” won’t be in Cadys Falls, so even Lot 8 is now for sale.

Every year, for 40 years (not counting Covid), I have returned to work on improving this extraordinary place.

With the fantastic help of Carroll Lawrence, we have created amazing home sites, waiting for people who love this land as much as I do.

I may be 10,000 miles away, but a piece of my heart will always be in Cadys Falls. Here is where my ashes will be scattered when I can no longer show up in person. ENJOY!

Charles Nelson (below with Greg Paus and Carroll Lawrence, 2003)